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I have to say I’m a bit of a lonesome photographer.  When I “get in the zone” I tend to forget who I am with, what I was doing, where I am and, if you’ll excuse the pun, focus on what I want to shoot.  That’s not to say that I don’t like (and sometimes welcome) the company of other photographers (and people) – it’s great to bounce ideas around, discuss shots, kit and the like.  But I do feel that I’m not always the best company when I’ve got the camera out.  That said, a photography group I’m part of recently went on a trip to a local ‘zoo’ -Woodside Wildlife & Falconry Park at Langworth, near Lincoln.  It was a hugely entertaining day, a lot of camera talk – photographers of all levels, lots of animals to shoot and I learned a few things.  Always worthwhile when you learn new things.

Those of you that either know me or have read previous blogs from me (prior to upgrading the site) will know that I’m not a massive fan of zoos.  Actually, I’m in two minds about them.  I hate to see animals caged, but sometimes zoos are the only place to see some of these magnificent creatures and, when they are well looked after and there is a conservation ethic behind the zoo, then surely it’s not all bad.  (It’s also a lot cheaper to go 8 miles down the road to shoot tigers than to go to India to do the same).

Woodside is not a massive zoo, but it is well maintained, the staff helpful and informative, and more importantly the animals seem content – I have been to zoos where big cats pace in circles continuously – heart breaking.  Not the case at Woodside, where they seem to use their available space exceptionally well and the tigers and the Canadian white wolves have considerable space to roam. The tigers in particular, both rescued from awful conditions, look healthy and magnificent. Two beautiful creatures (and a testament to the staff at Woodside). The white wolves – the only ones in the UK – were fabulous and look at home and behaved naturally.  Superb to watch.  A few years back I was given a day photographing wolves at a venue in Bedfordshire, hopefully the shots of the Woodside wolves show an improvement in my photography.

Looking at the shots of other members in the group, I missed some of the animals altogether, so no doubt a return visit will be on the cards. In the meantime enjoy the shots at the following links

Woodside Wildlife & Falconry Park – random shots
Tiger! Tiger! A few shots of the two tigers at Woodside

A Walk On The Woodside I have to say I’m a bit of a lonesome photographer.  When I “get in the zone” I tend to forget who I am with, what I was doing, where I am and, if you’ll excuse the pun, focus on what I want to shoot. 

Getting All Geeky


This year has seen a number of events in Lincolnshire (and beyond), which I’ve had the good fortune to be able to attend. What could be the last ever Waddington Airshow, followed by two historic events – the last two flying Lancasters – “Thumper” which is maintained by the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight here in Lincolnshire and “Vera” which undertook a mammoth flight from her home in Canada…

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I Blame Tim


I don’t really blame Tim Berners-Lee, but certainly within the past twenty years I’ve gone from an avid, and almost compulsive reader, to a casual, dip in and out sort of reader.  I do blame the wonders of the internet, the myriad pages that HAVE to be looked at, no matter how trivial.  At one time I would curl up engrossed in Winston Smith’s plight or marvelling at Atticus Finch’s cool, or…

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Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome To My Nightmare

Had I known what an absolute ball ache, revamping this website would be, I perhaps would not have bothered.  The old  format on my site was, to me, becoming a bit flat, dull and dated. Plus, some of the shots I’d included over the years were not really as good as I thought they were when I posted them all those years ago.  And then, Gill, friend and fellow photographer revamped her site,…

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Kenyan Safari


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Buildings And Architecture 1

A Tourist In My Own Town (2)

A Tourist In My Own Town (2)

The Cloisters in Lincoln Cathedral

The Cloisters in Lincoln Cathedral

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A Tourist In My Own Town

A Tourist In My Own Town

Sometimes you either need to step back or look from the perspective of somebody else to appreciate what is around you. I’ve live in Lincoln for more years than I care to mention here, and see the cathedral virtually every day. But I just see it. I don’t take it in. It’s just there. This past weekend some good friends visited Lincoln for the weekend. So, of course we had to pay a visit to the…

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A Little Bit Of Random Indoor Photography

A Little Bit Of Random Indoor Photography

The Last Straw

The Last Straw

A few random test shots, just trying out new macro lens. These were going to be purely for my own benefit, but I’m just so pleased with the output from the Canon MKIII – the colours are so strong and have a certain vibrancy, I’m wondering if Photoshop will become redundant on my PC (actually that’s as unlikely as winning the lottery!). None of these images have been altered in…

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